Resilient, adaptive, and ready for change.


Rizomic provides businesses and enterprise with a versatile and easily adaptable multi-blockchain platform, producing an auxiliary decentralized environment for quick, seamless and trusted exchanges, while simultaneously integrating with the wider system of fiat structures within which global trade and finance flows operate. In combining and integrating the traditional finance world’s infrastructure with the new emergent digital economy, Rizomic optimizes cost, speed, reliability, and security and ultimately provides greater and more confident sustainability.


Blockchain provides the promise of a decentralized, trusted public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls; however, with more and more protocols being developed, the landscape is becoming highly fragmented. This fragmentation presents a significant challenge with blockchain protocols differing in cost, speed, reliability and security. Rizomic solves this problem because it exists at a higher level than the base blockchains and crypto-token models themselves and works across multiple existing blockchain protocols. Its extensible design insures its operation, even as blockchain standards evolve and mature, making Rizomic the most versatile and easily adaptable blockchain platform for enterprise.


Rizomic is an enterprise platform designed to address the needs and requirements of business. It will be ideal for companies looking for enterprise solutions that will allow them to utilize the many capabilities and benefits of blockchain technology to track and exchange their wide range of assets, from currencies and loans to inventory and contracts.



Rizomic allows companies to issue, share, track, and trade digitally represented assets and services. Digital assets can be anything from currencies and loans, to inventory and contracts.


Rizomic is designed for ease of configuration to the needs of an enterprise as well at its ongoing operation, optimizing efficiency throughout the enterprise.


Rizomic supports a process where users can attach any value to a particular token, which in turn, can be placed on growing list of Blockchain networks.


Rizomic is capable of intelligently connecting to Bitcoin, Ethereum and numerous other protocols. Rizomic’s support for multiple blockchain networks also means that if one becomes unusable or undesirable, others can be implemented immediately.


Rizomic’s design offers superior reliability, with the ability to change underlying blockchains if necessary, and the inherent cryptographically secure nature of the blockchains and the platform offer the highest level of security.


Rizomic like any EMS is comprised of numerous plug-and-play modules that support business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics in complex organizations. Rizomic is now available as a white label enterprise software and you can easily plug in to your existing use cases or applications or custom build new, right on top.


The Rizomic Dashboard has been designed to be a user-friendly front end management portal for all of the platform’s functionality. Administrators will find it easy to set up and configure different assets and services, assign permissions to staff and external personnel, and monitor usage once deployed.

Remittances, Logistics Processes, Users, Accounts, Transactions, Redeem Codes, Cards, Transformers, Audits, and more. It also contains an integrated messaging system within the web app that is responsive across all devices.


The Rizomic platform is designed with a micro-services architecture approach. As a result, the form of the Rizomic platform is a collection of small, inter-connected services, each performing a distinct task. This architecture encourages the separation of concerns and lends itself to horizontal scaling and parallel processing. Services are separated into distinct security and permission groups with encrypted internal communication between services where applicable. This approach to security is disparate from the ‘egg-shell’ approach associated with monolithic applications where once the ‘shell’ is cracked, all parts of the application are vulnerable.


Key-management is always a primary concern when dealing with blockchain systems. The Rizomic platform allows users to manage their own keys, but optionally provides users with its internal key management system. The signing-service in this model, deals specifically with this aspect of the system. It manages users private keys and applies cryptographic signatures to transactions which are requested from the Rizomic API. The signing service is the ultimate authority as to which transactions should be signed and requested on the blockchain, as it is the single store of cryptographic private keys. It authenticates each external service and signs (or declines to sign) transactions based upon the authority of the external service. Each blockchain maintains its own purpose-built signing service.


The action handler is a service which accepts messages from ‘upstream’ services and forms them into transactions for inclusion in a block. Action handlers are purpose-built for each blockchain and form a layer of abstraction between the ‘upstream’ services and the blockchain. This allows for a consistent data model for ‘upstream’ services which does not necessarily need to take into account the technical specifics of each individual blockchain.


This is a fundamental component of the system which manages the message delivery between all the action handler services. The messaging service provides routing, load-balancing, and redelivery if a service (or the messaging system itself) experiences downtime. A single, canonical messaging service is implemented which natively supports massive horizontal scaling.


Although the Rizomic platform is capable of implementing a wide range of Blockchain protocols, the currently implemented protocols are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Bitcoin protocol, uses the open assets protocol through the use of the .NET Bitcoin library. This enables what are known as ‘colour-coins’ on the bitcoin blockchain through carefully constructed bitcoin transactions. Each colour coin represents a particular Rizomic asset on the bitcoin blockchain. Similarly does the Rizomic ethereum based ERC20 smart contracts and the ethereum virtual machine engines.



Rizomic is a system engine with the primary function of connecting real world assets to one or more Blockchains. It does this by allowing users to create their own digital tokens, which they can attach, a value to then deploy across Blockchain networks. Users can then issue, share, track and trade digitally represented assets and services. Rizomic provides a portal between centralized and decentralized environments. Simultaneously integrating and incorporating into the Blockchain networks elements such as governance and legislation required by the greater state and political environments within which societies operate. Rizomic recognizes and seeks to bridge the chasm socially, culturally and politically, between Blockchain technologies and the mechanisms of the centralized world on the premise that we are better together. This process is mutually beneficial; blockchain systems and Fiat flows, while the ability to engage with pre-existing, centralized systems provides greater confidence in the sustainability of the cryptocurrency market and encourages non-users of digital currency to enter the market.

Rizomic™ is owned and developed by Blue Chip Vision Pte. Ltd. Blue Chip Vision is a technology company that has developed an ecology of products. To learn more about our other technologies and our team please visit bluechipvision.com from the link below.

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